A Memorial Fund has been established in the honor of Gladys Maharam to benefit the Polio Eradication Program of The Rotary Foundation. On October 16, I circulated an email announcement – in my role as Rotary District 7305 Chairman of the Rotary District 7305 Committee for The Rotary Foundation – that all contributions of $100 or more toward Polio eradication are eligible to be “matched” by Rotary District 7305 with points toward a Paul Harris Fellowship. My email also served as a reminder that Rotary District 7305 was asking each club to donate at least $1,500 toward Polio eradication. My email shared that in order to obtain such a “match” that contributions are to be sent to Pat Shaffer, of the Murrysville-Export Rotary Club.
The same day as my email, services were held for Gladys Maharam, who passed away
unexpectedly on October 13. Her obituary provided that in lieu of flowers, contributions may be
made to the Rotary District 7300 Polio Fund and were to be sent to a designated address: US
Post Office, 90 W. Steuben Street, #44305, Pittsburgh, PA 15205, which is the address for
Rotary District 7305; and was previously the address for Rotary District 7300. However, Gladys
had made these arrangements before Rotary District 7305 existed. A number of checks have
been received at this address, however, there was no actual fund already in existence as
named in Gladys’ obituary.
Accordingly, The Rotary District 7300 Foundation has come forward in providing their
assistance. Gladys was a long-serving Director of that foundation. It is clear that Gladys’ wishes
were that any contributions in her name were to benefit Polio Eradication. Gladys was a
constant volunteer for events for any Rotary club of which she was a member, as well as Rotary
District events, and served on many District committees regarding important issues. She also
served as Treasurer of The Rotary District 7300 Foundation. The Rotary District 7300
Foundation wanted to do something to honor the memory of Gladys, so they stepped forward to
officially create and administer this memorial fund in honor of Gladys to help fund Polio
Eradication. The Rotary District 7300 Foundation has now created the “Gladys Maharam Polio
Eradication Fund”, but is doing so in a fashion that will still allow any donor so desirous the
opportunity to obtain the “matching points” toward a Paul Harris Fellowship and also provide
credit to any Rotary club toward Polio eradication if they so designate and the necessary
information is provided with the donation.
Anyone wishing to donate to Polio Eradication in memory of Gladys Maharam should undertake
the following:
1. Checks not already issued pursuant to Gladys’ obituary should be made payable to: “The
Rotary District 7300 Foundation” and then marked on the subject line as being for the
“Gladys Maharam Polio Eradication Memorial Fund”.
2. Checks should be sent to Virginia Finnegan, Treasurer of The Rotary District 7300
Foundation, using the address: 228 Jefferson Lane, Cranberry Township, PA 16066.
3. Any checks already issued as a memorial donation and sent pursuant to Gladys Maharam’s
obituary will be made part of this fund; the word “Foundation” will be added to the payee line
on the checks already received after the words “Rotary District 7300” but before “Polio Fund”
as needed to be able to deposit them with The Rotary District 7300 Foundation for the
Gladys Maharam Polio Eradication Fund.
4. For anyone wishing to receive credit involving payment of $100 or more being matched by
Rotary District 7305 with points going toward a Paul Harris Fellowship, the donor must also
provide the name of the person to be credited with the “donor points” by The Rotary
Foundation, that person’s Rotary ID number (if available, which they can easily access
through MyRotary on line or in ClubRunner, or looking at the mailing label above their name
on any edition of The Rotarian magazine), the mailing address of the donor and the donor’s
email address, the donor’s telephone number (so they can be contacted if there are any
questions) as well as what Rotary club the donation should be credited toward. This can be
applicable even if the donor is not a Rotarian. Indeed, donations of any amount must
identify what Rotary club should also be credited with the donation toward Polio Eradication,
if such credit is desired.
5. For donations already made, if the donors wish to obtain credit toward a Paul Harris
Fellowship and/or credit for any Rotary club toward Polio Eradication, such additional
information needed is to be provided to Virginia Finnegan at the address noted above or by
email to: vafinn@verizon.net.
6. Donations of $250 or more will receive a charitable gift acknowledgement letter from The
Rotary District 7300 Foundation, an IRS approved Section 501 (c) (3) charitable
organization. Indeed, if an email address is provided for a donation of any amount, a gift
acknowledgement letter will be provided for any donation via email.
7. All donations made, and any applicable “matching points” toward a Paul Harris Fellowship,
will be sent to The Rotary Foundation for the Polio Eradication Program by The Rotary
District 7300 Foundation processing the same through Pat Shaffer accompanied by an
accounting of each donation by donor and applicable Rotary club.
8. If anyone has any question about the Gladys Maharam Polio Eradication Memorial Fund,
they should contact Stu Benson of The Rotary District 7300 Foundation,
stubenson3@gmail.com or 412-491-1586, and Stu will be more than happy to address any
issue. Stu would appreciate being copied in on any email to Virginia Finnegan as well since
they will be working together to maintain meticulous records of all Memorial Donations and
will do all they can to assist The Rotary Foundation Committee of Rotary District 7305 to
ensure the donations are properly credited with The Rotary Foundation.
Chairman - Rotary District 7305 Committee for The Rotary Foundation