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In honor of past District Governor, Bill Segar, work with the Monroeville Rotary Club and his involvement in the Monroeville area we would like to move his beloved caboose (picture) from his property to the Forbes Vo-Tech in Monroeville for a two (2) year volunteer refurbishing, and then to the Monroeville's Community Park where it will be used as a meeting room, kid's birthday parties, etc. The Monroeville Rotary Club, with the help of other local service-oriented groups, and the Monroeville Public Works Depts., will maintain the caboose. All proceeds collected will go towards the “Move the Caboose” campaign. In the meantime, District 7300 is searching for a crane company, or similar, that could/would move the caboose as a charitable effort for Monroeville Rotary. Please send possible names and contact information of such companies to (my name and information is below). Whatever we collect from the link on the District 7300 web site will go towards "Move the Caboose" campaign. To help support this project please visit our Go Fund Me Page.

Timothy J. Little
Municipal Manager
Municipality of Monroeville